"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

Vision Board.png

Planning is an important tool because it leads you to set goals for your future and a strategy with steps to ensure you reach your goals. Strategy - a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim. I began to focus on setting clearly defined goals during my junior year of college. I didn't know exactly where my life was going but I wanted to make sure it went somewhere. That idea began the process of developing goals and later learning the importance of creating action steps and deadlines. Below are 4 simple steps to help any begin to plan their more focused future. 

Here are 4 steps for successfully planning to ensure you reach your goals. 

  1. Create a Vision Board - This is a visual representation of your goals 
  2. Set Deadlines - This is an important step to ensure you can measure your success. 
  3. Find an Accountability Partner - Find who is also committed to their own goals and will help hold you accountable for your success 
  4. Have Fun - You only get one chance at life so enjoy it! Yes, it is important to make accomplish your goals. But it is equally important to enjoy and learn during each step. So be present in every moment.

Of course life isn't perfect and occasionally you will need to adjust your strategy to match your current reality. Just remember your end goal, why it matters, and that all great things take time!