AbouT Me

I was born and raised in the Midwest with wonderful, supportive parents and one younger brother. While I continue to move deeper into the south and further from my family, I continue to love baking, creating a warm and inviting home, while trying to balance my work life and social needs. I love spending time with my family (when I see them) and friends. I also enjoy spending time at home with good food and Netflix. As I continue to grow further into adulthood and face new challenges and changes I find it even more imperative to ensure my home is a safe space. To make my home as cozy and ideal as possible. To cultivate my passions in the spare time I can find. To hold myself accountable for my self care routine. I'm excited to share my experience as an evolving and blossoming homemaker. 


About Us 

A & B Homemaker was created to redefine and reshape the view of the modern homemaker. As society continues to evolve so does the “traditional” family and the home we create to care for it.  

A & B Homemaker is a community bridging the gap between "traditional" homemaking skills and tools and the modern millennial tying to navigate the world of adulting. 

Here we share life tips and ticks for building a home. A space that is warm, inviting, and personalized. A space to prepare our favorite meals, explore new ideas, and host our family and friends. 

Single or partnered. Apartment or house. Children or no children. A & B Homemaker is for you. Welcome to our home!