We all spend our days working out 9-5's, growing our side hustles, and trying to have a personal life. We often forget to take to time to stop and recharge, also known as self care. 

Here are some easy self care ideas! 

10 Simple Self-Care Ideas on a Budget.png

If you enjoy pampering you can

  1. At home Mani / Pedi day
  2. Try the new face mask you’ve been eyeing
  3. Deep conditioning hair treatment

Who doesn’t love hanging out of the couch? So start a class binge session with a new series or catch up on a new one

4. Netflix, Hulu, amazon prime etc And grab your favorite snack 

Maybe you enjoy releasing stress and endorphins! 

5. Go for a run 

6. Try a new fitness class at your gym or take a yoga class 

Or if you need a little vitamin D you can 

7. Go for a hike 

8. Lay in the sun and sip a light drink 

Here a few other ideas to consider 

9. Go see a movie 

10. Take a nap - an oldie but a goodie 

Hopefully this will help you think of a few easy ways to take time for yourself. Enjoy!