A simple and sweet, cinnamon apple flavored liquor drink recipe to boost your fall parties and holiday fun! 

Apple Pie in a Glass

Apple Pie in a Glass

As fall approaches, the leaves begin to turn into burnt oranges, bold reds, and golden yellows. We enjoy the brisk chill breeze that flows through the air. We go to the back our closets to pull out our favorite warm blankets, flannel button ups, fuzzy socks, and boots of all kinds. 

Of course, we also need our go to comfort foods! The foods that have a rich warmth that makes you feel cozy all over. The foods that remind us of home, family, friends, and laughter. Some of our favorite go to recipes are delicious chili and chicken corn chowder soup.

The best thing to follow our favorite comfort foods is something sweet paired with a perfectly blended liquor medley. This is key to completing the perfect fall experience. What is a better dessert than classic apple pie?! 

Apple Pie is one of the classic desserts that’s sure to please the crowd. The warm,cinnamon flavored apples in a sweet apple filling and warm flaky crust. Topped with the perfect scoop of vanilla ice cream. How can you go wrong? All you need to add is your liquor refreshment of choice.

Here is the perfect combination! Apple Pie in A Glass! 

Sweet, cinnamon liquor drink

Sweet, cinnamon liquor drink

A simple, two ingredient blend that creates the sweet warmth of cinnamon apple pie and melting ice cream in a liquid, liquor form. 

Apple Pie Tall.jpg

Now you can have the same sweet, cinnamon apple flavor with a every sip and a light tingle at the end of the glass. Simply mix your favorite apple juice or cider with equal parts Horchata or RumChata. The sweet cinnamon flavor of Horchata blends perfectly with the apple cider to create the sweet cinnamon apple pie in a Glass.

The steps and ingredients are super simple! 

  • Apple Cider or Juice - 1 part 

  • Horchata (or RumChata) - 1 part 

Mix and served chilled or over ice.

Try it and let me know what you think!